Script Frenzy: Changing Course

This is what I should've been doing ...

Script Frenzy started 11 days ago, and I’ve not written a word! Tsk, tsk.

Whether right or wrong, I’ve concluded that my topic isn’t interesting enough for this one-month challenge. I was going to write about my experience making my first documentary film, but it’s possible I’m too close to that to write about it.

So I’ve switched topics. I’ve got a new focus: an old script idea I’ve had for a long time. One that just won’t leave me alone. Based on reality, but when written it’ll be much more entertaining than what actually transpired. Plus it’s about being young and on vacation, so who doesn’t wanna spend time there mentally?!

Last night I fell asleep writing the opening scene. It’s pretty awesome, not gonna lie. I found that my excitement about just this opening scene is enough to get me to actually write something, so that’s good.

Anyway, isn’t that the goal of Script Frenzy? To get you writing and actually finish something? Who cares if it never gets read by anyone. You’ve actually finished a script! And that’s a very motivating reward for me.

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