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Jack McBrayer
Jack McBrayer performs at the UCBT during the 11th annual Del Close Marathon in NYC.

I love acting. It terrifies me to do it because it gives people permission to stare and criticize: how you look, move, speak, and your energy. But acting and improvising take me to a new place–emotionally and mentally.

It’s also freeing. You get to leave your life and become someone else. You get to tell your inner monologue to shut up, because you’ve become this other person for a limited time. This, perhaps, is one of the most attracting things. I get so tired of being myself sometimes, you know?

As an actor, you get to play someone you’re not. Like an assassin. Or a spy. A modified version of yourself, but way cooler because you always have the right line because it’s scripted and not real life. You get to do things you wouldn’t normally do.

It’s fun and challenging.

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  1. Hi Camden, I read the article about you in the News & Observer and just wanted to say congrats! How do you cast for your films?

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