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Book recommendations coming your way

I get asked a lot of questions about filmmaking, chasing dreams, and balancing all that life throws at you. It’s hard to buck the status quo and go for it – against all odds, doubters, and haters. Dude, I know the struggle all too well.

Which is why I get into some interesting conversations with my peers, and people who are getting ready to start the journey.

The relative advice they’re seeking usually breaks down to a philosophical outlook on life, mindsets, and attitudes. It’s all about diving deep into your personal stuff.

That’s the less shiny, more subtle mindset stuff. It can be tough, emotional work. And, quite honestly, some folks might not be ready for it. It’s the kind of thing you’ll more likely do when you’re absolutely ready, like losing weight.

Instead, for most people, it’s more appealing to do the “easy” work. That includes things like testing the latest tech, discussing the mechanics or logistics of filmmaking, flipping through magazine, or scrolling through newsfeeds. Yes, some of those are necessary tasks but they’re not the kind of thing that makes you feel as vulnerable as digging through your own baggage.

Look, I totally get it.

But I’m a problem solver and a lifelong learner. I’m hardwired to seek information, achieve stuff, seek improvements, and find solutions to challenges. It’s in my nature, yes, but a lot of that is also due in part to a voracious appetite for reading.

Yup, I’m a bookworm. Totes proud, too. Confession: I used to daydream about having a giant library, one big enough to necessitate a ladder on wheels like the one in Beauty and the Beast.

I used to daydream about a library so big it required a wooden ladder on wheels like the one in Beauty and The Beast.

My point is this: I’ve read a lot of books. They have helped me chase those big dreams, shaped my world view, given me the courage to leap and hope the net will appear, and daily continue battling the things that try to hold me back every step of the way. Where I can’t take credit for being naturally that brave, I can give credit to a lot of books that helped me blaze a trail forward.

And because I get asked for recommendations often, I’m going to start sharing them here on the blog.

What to expect

My goal is to share one book recommendation with you per month.

The recommendations will include details on what you can expect from the book, why I appreciated reading it, and how it might help you on your own journey.

Most of the books fall into one of the following categories: business, entrepreneurship, self-help, creativity, overcoming fears, focusing on success, etc.

If you read one of the books, please let me know what you thought of it in the comments or on social media. A big part of the fun in reading – to me, anyway – is sharing that journey with someone else.

If you’ve got recommendations for me, I’m all about it! Use the comments on each blog post to speak up. I love reading and would want to know what you recommend, too!

Affiliate Links: Full disclosure, there will be affiliate links in these blog posts; however, I only recommend things I’ve tried (or read) myself, believe in 100%, and think will benefit you. It goes against my nature to put rubbish recommendations out into the world. If you chose to make a purchase from an affiliate link, it’ll send me a little commission which goes towards keeping this thing operational.

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