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Join the 2018 Spring Greeting

The TriFilm Society is something I started in 2009 to support my fellow film and video makers. It was a lot of fun to get people together. I loved having a chance to pay it forward, so others wouldn’t struggle the way I had in making my first film.

A lot has changed since 2009, though. I started charging for our socials and opened up membership. It’s been a wonderful, wild ride!

This month, I’m doing something brand new. It’s a lovely, free way to keep helping my fellow film and video makers connect. It’s called the 2018 Spring Greeting.

The 2018 Spring Greeting is a free, virtual networking opportunity throughout the month of March presented by the TriFilm Society. There are weekly challenges, a closed Facebook group called the filmmakers lounge, and events where you can meet people face-to-face – all for free!

Get the details on the TriFilm blog and come join us.

It’s going to be fun!

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