My filmmaking career is actually about you. 

You can watch what you want, when you want, however you want. How you spend your time and attention determines what succeeds in film and television. You’re a part of what I like to call New Hollywood, the next era of entertainment.

That means you’re the boss! Pretty cool, huh?

This is one of many reasons I want a relationship with you. As a filmmaker, I hope to create things you’ll love, cherish, and share with your friends. I want to work for you for the rest of my life. (No joke.)

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But since you asked nicely, here’s more info about yours truly…

camden-watts-self-portrait-06.2014-2ABOUT ME

As a self-taught filmmaker, I have experience in nearly every aspect of filmmaking from concept to completion. I secure financing, start production, build teams, and see the film through every stage of production straight to the end. My strengths are in writing, producing, directing, and self-distribution.

What I really love is directing. Developing a vision and bringing it to life is one of the greatest joys for me. I’m constantly seeking ways to do that smarter, better, and faster.

My mission is to create films that make this world a better place for all of us. That means making fiction films that help us forget reality and documentaries that challenge us to face it.

I believe movies can turn into movements.


When I first started making films, it was my peers that helped me figure out how to navigate the uncharted territory of filmmaking. That’s why I love giving back whenever I can. It brings me a lot of joy to help other filmmakers with the things I struggled with when I first started.

So if you’re a fellow filmmaker, there are numerous ways I can help you. Some frequently requested support includes acting, set photography, producing, promoting, or managing craft services. I can also offer coaching or mentoring if you’re just getting started. Use the comments section below and I’ll get your message via email.

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I organize TriFilm socials for my fellow filmmakers to meet in real life, talking about their work, and find the resources they need most. [© 2014 Alex Boerner Photography |]

Since 2009 I’ve been organizing socials for filmmakers so they can find local resources for projects. Those efforts have been loosely labeled #TriFilm and are shaping up to be a more formal film society. Be sure to add your name to the list to follow that progress:

Crowdfund Your Film is one way I'm helping my fellow filmmakers. The course is completely digital. Registration will open again in early 2015 so sign up here if you don't want to miss out.

Crowdfund Your Film is one more way I’m helping my fellow filmmakers. The course is completely digital, it’s tailored for filmmakers, and it’ll help you raise funds to make your film dreams come true. Registration will open again in early 2015 so sign up here if you don’t want to miss out.

In 2014 I also launched a digital course about crowdfunding for filmmakers, to help my peers learn how to successfully raise funds and build engagement online. The course is completely digital and it’s called Crowdfund Your Film. It will launch again in early 2015. Add your email address to the list so you don’t miss out on those opportunities:


Most of what I do today has been influenced — in one way or another — by my background. I’m not unique in that way. Most of us are a product of our experiences.

Since I was born and raised in eastern North Carolina, I have a deep connection to wide open spaces and the water. I grew up in “little” Washington, watching the sun rise and set on the Pamlico River. I was lucky to have plenty of time for make believe and playing outside.

tobacco fields

I grew up in Washington, N.C., so my first photo essays were about tobacco farming and small town America.

My first photo essays were about farming and small town America. I directed soap operas staring my sister and her friends in our backyard. I dreamed about becoming a cast member on Saturday Night Live one day.

After high school, I moved to Raleigh, N.C., to attend Meredith College. I studied graphic design, professional communications, and photography. Since then I have had a myriad of jobs in design, marketing, project management, and multimedia development.

Derek and I built a house together in 2013.

Derek and I got married and built a house together in 2013.

Now I’m married to an incredible man named Derek. We met at a local comedy club, where we both performed as improvisers. He recommended an awesome beer and the rest is history. We now live in Raleigh, N.C., with our dog Louie.

Little Louie in a bow tie!

This is “little” Louie. He’s taught me so much about life and love.

Something you wanna know? Just ask!


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2 thoughts on “About

  • January 31, 2015 at 12:17 pm

    We met at Designbox when you had the co-working space for a while. I would love to be able to see the photo essays you mentioned about tobacco farming and small town America. I was raised in a small town in Bertie County and my dad was a tobacco farmer. Are those photos available anywhere for viewing?

    Excited about what you are doing – thanks for sharing.

    • February 3, 2015 at 10:29 am

      Dick, great to hear from you! Those bacca barn photos are in old archived prints. I was in high school working as a writer, photographer, and co-editor on a magazine called “Opus” at the time. I’m still totally obsessed with the old weathered barns, blue skies, and open fields. I’ll have to dig up a few and share them sometime soon!


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