Questions from readers about making movies – Part 1

It’s always a pleasure to hear from readers! I’ve been blogging about filmmaking for 10 years and, seriously, hearing from people who found helpful info here is really fun. That’s why I encourage your comments, tweets, and questions! Today I … Continue reading “Questions from readers about making movies – Part 1”

Thank you for watching Brewconomy

Last night we enjoyed a screening of Brewconomy during First Friday Raleigh at the N.C. Museum of History. Huge thanks to all of the folks who attended and helped organize such a fun evening! The #NCBeer panel speaking following the screening of … Continue reading “Thank you for watching Brewconomy”

New Brewconomy Backer Night Scheduled

On Tuesday, August 11th, we hosted a Brewconomy Backer Night for our Kickstarter backers. The weather was nuts. It was dark and stormy, then the sky turned post-apocalyptic orange and a beautiful rainbow showed up. Such a lovely summer storm. At … Continue reading “New Brewconomy Backer Night Scheduled”

Brewconomy premieres today!

Today is the premiere of Brewconomy, my newest documentary, which is about North Carolina craft beer and its positive impact on the state’s agriculture, community, and economy. Brewconomy will screen at the Wells Fargo IMAX Theatre at Marbles in downtown Raleigh, N.C., … Continue reading “Brewconomy premieres today!”