It’s Christmas, so here’s a list of a few things I love! Be warned, this post contains a gross overuse of the words cute and fun. Because I’m going to go a little girlie for a moment, mk?!

I’ve been shopping because I’m in the midst of setting up my new home office. It’s exciting. Stressful. Rejuvenating!

I want a room that’s functional, pretty, comfortable, luxurious, inspiring, relaxing, and easily adjustable. It should also be as clutter-free as possible; otherwise, I’ll avoid that room and that’s no good for productivity.

So. That being said. I’m getting rid of a bunch of stuff, and making room for a few new things. It’s quite fun. Here are a few things I’m eyeing right now.


Small owl decor, $5, Target

That little owl. Oh. I just fell in love. It’s shiny and silver, so I think it’ll work well in the office. I’ve found a few other things that are shiny and silver. I could make a little vignette with them. That’d be cute.



BESTÅ BURS high-gloss white desk, $269, Ikea

This desk seems like it’d fit behind my white couch perfectly. That would make a great area for writing thank you notes, sitting down a drink, or a semi-permanent spot for my laptop. It’d be a great open space for doing other sewing / crafting things, too.

I’m holding out because it’s more than I want to spend and I feel like I could build it. I also want to see the room with my furniture in it first. So I’m going to use painter’s tape to think about the layout of the room before I commit to this desk. It sure it a beauty, though!



Fur ottoman DIY from Nesting Place

This ottoman is so stinking cute. I want to make one like it. So fuzzy! Looks luxurious and comfy. I think I could make this easily with something I already own, which is a plus. Here’s the blog post with more info on the DIY ottoman remake: Nesting Place.

White chair

White chair, $85, Target

A white chair at the desk would be great, especially with a pillow to make it more comfortable. Instead of buying this one, I’ve started painting a chair that I already own which is very similar to this one. Inspiration for that project is courtesy of Young House Love.

The chair I own is from my grandmother’s house and it’s very sturdy. It’s not comfy enough to spend too many hours in it, too; which is great because I get lost in the computer easily. (Too many hours editing video, researching, writing, etc.) This hard wooden chair would force me to get up regularly, and I hear that’s good for you. Win.


Ampersand pillow

Ampersand pillow, ~$110, Etsy

It’d be a lot of fun to have things in the office that inspire me and simultaneously show that I’m a creative gal. Old cameras can be used as book ends. Big photography books can sit on the ottoman or coffee table. The old projector I inherited while working on Abandoned Allies can find prominence on a shelf. You get the idea.

That’s why this ampersand pillow is so delightful. It reminds me of my college days learning graphic design. I might try to make something like this for my office. The plan is to have a couch in there for napping and watching movies, so I could sit a few cute throw pillows like this on it.


SKURAR Hanging Planter, $5.99, Ikea

Plants in the office would be a great way to give the room some life and color. Planters that won’t take up too much real estate in the room would be best, so I can have more room for books. I’ve been thinking about hanging planters, like these sweet-looking ones from Ikea, to put in the window. They’re small, dainty, and cute.


Home Depot

3-Pack of Succulents, $16, Home Depot

Succulents have totally won me over lately, too. They’re tiny, which means they take up very little space. They require little water, so in theory I’m less likely to kill them. They can grow in a lot of weird/dry places, like driftwood or wine corks. I did an experiment with a piece of driftwood a few weeks ago, and the succulent is loving life. So I’d like to have some plants in the office like these to liven it up a bit.


THIS. [via]


OR THIS. [via]

These two pics show what I hope to create. White dominates the space so that it feels open, inviting, peaceful. There’s a little bit of color here and there. Something natural warms the room. Great light. Plenty of books and comfy seating options.

We’ll see how it shakes out.

I gotta get a move on because there are so many things to work on. We’re getting ready to announce another screening of Abandoned Allies, and that requires a bit of work. I need a space to keep that moving, you know?! More soon, my friends. Stay tuned.