Next week we’re shooting the short comedy film I’ve been blogging about for a while. We’ll be spending the day with some really fun people in one of my favorite places: downtown Raleigh, N.C.! I’m really excited about it.

Here’s a photograph from our production meeting last month.  Todd Tinkham took the photo, and is directing the film. Mike Williams and Davion Danté are my two male leads.

L to R: Mike Williams, Camden Watts, and Davion Dante

Left to right: Mike Williams, Camden Watts, and Davion Danté. Photograph by Todd Tinkham.

We could still use a few extras. If you’re interested, please use the comments section below and I’ll follow up by email with more details. The film is set in a bar so you would pretending to have dinner or drink a beer with a friend. Simple stuff, really. This is an unpaid / volunteer position but a great way to meet new folks, have fun, and build your portfolio.

There’s a lot of prep work happening but things are coming together well. I’ve already met new, really nice people. I can’t wait to start shooting.