Documentary film by Camden Watts

Next week we’re shooting interviews and B roll for my new documentary film. We’ll be in Durham for the day. I’m excited!

I know the posts about this new doc have been pretty vague. Stick with me for a while longer. We’ll share plenty of details in the next few months, when we have a dedicated site about the project.

‘Til then…

A lot of behind-the-scenes stuff is happening.

We’re meeting, planning, scheduling, and preparing — all of which is really exciting. I’ve been writing proposals and plans, researching, and watching comparable documentaries. This phase is a lot less photogenic than days when we’re shooting, but it’s all critical stuff.

There’s a bit of educating going on as well. I have a lot to learn about the subject matter, which is one of my favorite things about doing a film. I’m a nerd. I love to research, read, learn new things, meet new people, understand their passions and reasons for doing something. I’m also trying to share what I know about filmmaking, crowdfunding, and distribution with the team. An interesting position to be in, since I’m still a nOOb, and the game is changing every day.

The timing on all of this is pretty wild, too. Sometimes it’s tough to keep up with all that’s happening. But it’s all a LOT of good stuff, and I count myself as one lucky woman.

Derek and I just got married so we’re doing newlywed things like resting, writing thank you notes, having in-depth discussions about the rest of our lives, and trying to spend quality time with people we love — now that the wedding planning stresses have subsided. I’m becoming less of a recluse, too, which is really nice. I miss being a social butterfly and I desperately want to reconnect with my people.

We’ve also been going through all of our things to get organized and settled in. I feel like I’ve been moving for like six months now, and I’m sooooo over it. But it’s good to get your personal possessions in order. Helps you think clearly. (More on that later, I’m sure.)

So, when next we meet, please be patient with me. Things in my world are hopping! It’s all great stuff, but my brain is working double-time, so I might ramble more than usual. 🙂