Conversations keep turning to this Strengths Finder 2.0. Have you heard about it? My gosh, I feel like everyone’s talking about it.

Tired of hearing about it but not fully knowing what this thing was about, I finally picked up the book and took the “quiz” online. So I know my top five strengths. What now?

Well, after you learn your strengths, you have to read more about what that means. That’s where I am now. Reading about these strengths of mine.

Oh, boy. This thing hit the nail on the head. Let me tell you.

I’ve only read about one of them thus far and it’s so accurate. The first one is: futuristic. And it explains SO MUCH about the way I think and act. It’s kind of ridiculous.

I have more reading to do. But I thought I’d send this out into the world to find out if any of you have read this book or taken the quiz. Just curious!