This is the year I step outside my comfort zone. Not once or twice — or even a number I can count. But so frequently that the chaotic space that is “outside my comfort zone” becomes my new comfort zone.

Here’s what I mean.

One of the things that can bring me to my knees is the fear of speaking directly into the camera. I can’t explain it. It almost breaks me every time I try to do it. (I have no fear of public speaking, ironically enough.)

When the time came to be myself on-camera as part of my Kickstarter campaign, I nearly crumbled. I got nervous. I flubbed my lines. I started sweating profusely. So attractive.

But guess what? I did it. I powered through. And I think the final result is pretty great — all things considered. See for yourself here.

What now? So glad you asked.

Since this is the year of living outside my comfort zone, I’m going to risk it again. I’m going to step in front of the camera and be myself again. And again. And again. Until I get better at it. Until I can comfortably be myself. Until I get comfortable living outside my comfort zone. You may never see those videos but one day you’ll see me on-camera being cool, classy, and comfortable.

What about you? What feels uncomfortable? What would you do if there were no risks involved? How will you step outside your comfort zone? I want to know. Use the comments to share your thoughts and experiences.