Meredith Schmidt and I work on the editing of Brewconomy.

Meredith Schmidt and I are working hard on the editing of Brewconomy so it’ll be ready to premiere in 2015.

As we work hard to finish Brewconomy, I find myself thinking about my next film.

Action brings clarity. So even though I’m working really hard to finish up this film, I’ve been thinking long and hard about the next one. It’s what I do.

This thought process comes naturally to me. It’s part of what makes me a really great producer-director. I’m not bragging. But I am finally realizing that few people think this way. I can be very cognizant of the present and simultaneously looking ahead.

It’s like sailing. You constantly survey your present location, wind and sea conditions, and proximity to your destination. But you also look for the best, safest path forward. (Tack or jib? Storm coming? Who has the right of way?) All of those things go through your mind while you simultaneously have pleasant conversations with your mates and enjoy the journey.

Over the years I have come to realize that few people think this way. And that’s OK. We’re all wired differently. (I’m really bad at a lot of things and I’ve finally gotten comfortable with that, too.)

So now that I know this is my strength, I’m owning it.

Since I’m the producer-director one in the midst of the chaos — and I love those uncharted waters — it’s silly to expect others to embrace that. This is why I now respond differently when people ask about my work.

Behind-the-scenes photo from our Brewconomy shoot at Farm Boy Farms in June 2014. Photo by Shane Johnston.

Behind-the-scenes photo from our Brewconomy shoot at Farm Boy Farms in June 2014. Photo by Shane Johnston.

For example, my fans know I’m working hard on Brewconomy but they haven’t seen it on the big screen yet. For them, it’s not “real” until they watch it. So I keep my conversations focused on what we’re doing right now to finish Brewconomy and how awesome it’s going to be when they see it.

(Brewconomy is going to be awesome, by the way.)

Should that person be brave enough as to inquire about my next film, I will then share the tiniest details about it. Little nuggets of things that tease and inspire. But not enough to cause overwhelm.

That being said, that self-restraint is a challenge. I’m so excited about what’s happening with both films that I want to tell everyone EVERYTHING. As quickly as possible.

It’s laughable. I end up getting so excited that I struggle to form cohesive sentences. I stutter while blinking furiously. My arms flail.

It’s the opposite of attractive.

But it, too, is part of what makes me human. I’m a mess sometimes. I love what I do and that passion finds the most annoying, humbling ways to present itself. (I’m finally owning that, too. Someone said I remind them of Jennifer Lawrence, and that has helped a lot. Hah.)

All of this is to say, when we meet in person next time please be kind! I’m working on some epic stuff for 2015 — including our premiere of Brewconomy — and it makes me really happy. I’d love to tell you all about all of these fund things the next time our paths cross.

‘Til then!