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The TriFilm panel discussion, which is a collaboration with Blueforest Studios, is now sold out! How fun!

We’ll have a comfortably crowded room for awesome conversations on Thursday, February 19th! I’m really looking forward to it.

Here are a few things to note.

Didn’t get tickets?

If you want to attend but didn’t get tickets, please add your name to the wait list here. If a ticket becomes available you will have a limited amount of time to respond.

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Can’t use your tickets?

If you signed up for tickets but your plans changed, please cancel your free order online. It’s easy and only takes a moment.

Directions on how to cancel your free order are right here. No need to email me directly, just cancel your free order through Eventbrite. Easypeasy!

This will free up tickets for people on the wait list, and I know they’ll be excited about that!

Include #TriFilm in your tweets!

Make the most of this event by using social media. Whenever you tweet or post pics, include the hashtag #TriFilm so everyone can follow along. After the event you can follow new people, join conversations, and make new friends. It’s lots of fun.

Plus, I will do a recap of the event and include some of your pics and tweets. So you get a little more exposure that way, too!

© 2014 Alex Boerner Photography |

© 2014 Alex Boerner Photography |

What can I expect from TriFilm in 2015?

Things they are a changin’, my friends!

We have been organizing free events for six years, can you believe it!? You guys have been giving us great feedback every time. One of the most requested things is a membership organization that unifies the community and is easily identifiable to newcomers — so that’s where we’re headed!

We’re here to help you step up your game, find resources you need, and making awesome things happen on screen and off. We’ll do this through educational opportunities, sharing inspiration online, and organizing live events. We love helping you succeed.

Part of this transition means that blog posts like this one will migrate from this site to It’s a much more appropriate place to find information about upcoming events and the film community. So stay tuned.

A new TriFilm Society logo is in the works, too. I’m super excited to share that with you when the time comes.

Another important shift you should note? There may be fees associated with things that were once free. We believe that you’re excited and ready for that, since you’ve been requesting a professional organization for years!

We’ve got a lot of value per dollar planned for you, too. Fees associated with some of the services we provide will go towards making them more consistent, awesome, and better. There are some pretty big plans coming to life and we can’t wait to share them with you.

We love hearing what you think! We’ll talk about these changes at the event on 2/19 because face-to-face conversations are super helpful. We’ll also follow up with a survey where you can dish your opinions about these changes, too.

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