2015 Alice Fest at Full Frame Theater by Camden Watts

The 2015 Alice Fest was held in the Full Frame Theater in Durham, N.C., yesterday. The festival is named for Alice Guy-Blaché and is held in March to honor Women’s History Month. The fest features work made “by women, for everyone.”

At the film fest, sample footage from Brewconomy was screened.

It’s always a great feeling to watch your work in a proper theater filled with people. It helps you understand if what you cut in solitude actually plays out the way you had hoped. I loved hearing the audience laugh at exactly the right moment!

After the footage screened one of the most common questions we got was, “How did you make it look so good? What did you use to shoot it?”

Two camera set up for our interview. Ready and waiting on the talent! 🙂

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The answer is simple. We had help from really talented cinematographers. Most of them used DSLRs but we had a few other cameras used as well.  

Our rain soaked documentary film interviews went really well this morning. Now! Time for breakfast. A photo posted by Camden Watts (@camdenwatts) on

We can’t wait to show you the finished film. We are working hard on making it the best film we can make. Stay tuned because we’ll have some exciting news to share with you very soon!

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