Some talented people are working with me to make a movie.

It’s shaping up to be a really fun short scripted film. The working title is “AK” although I’m sure that’ll change once I’m in post-production. (A better name usually crops up in the filmmaking process.)

As I sit here working on the script and planning the production, I though you’d like to get involved. A lot of my Facebook friends seem interested and the response has been really encouraging. So I’ve put together this post with details for anyone who wants a little more movie magic in their lives.

Use the comments below to ask questions, share words of encouragement, or connect us with people that can contribute.

Each gesture is appreciated!

The new short film's working title is "AK."

The new short film’s working title is “AK.”


The idea for the film itself is pretty simple.

It’s a short film I wrote more than a year ago. At the time, I was stressed out and coping by binging on too much TV. The resulting story is based on a hodgepodge of reality, reactions to what I’ve seen in the media, personal experiences, and a whole lot of fantasy. (As are all films, I’m sure.)

Here’s the gist.

A woman works late. On the way to her car, she encounters her ex-boyfriend in the parking garage. What happens next is surprising.

What happens next is pretty awesome. I can’t disclose more or it might ruin the end for you. But if you read my blog regularly or talk to me in person, you probably know what’s coming.

Although the short film is simple, it’s meant to be a part of something bigger. It’s an idea that could grow into something more complex such as a web series or a feature length film. I would love to dive deeper into it such a way but, for now, I’m starting small and looking for a way to get this particular short film finished.

That’s where you come in.


Making a movie is a weird and wonderful process.

It’s a lot of fun, and I adore sharing it with you. We need a few things to make this a success, even though it’s a smaller project, and I’d love for you to help.

Please consider contributing – but only if it brings you joy.

It’s my hope that you’ll see yourself the way I do: as a collaborative partner who’s a crucial part of the filmmaking process. My movies come to life with the help of many people, all contributing in their own wonderful way. It’s an opportunity to get involved. Trust that I will take the greatest care with your contribution because I genuinely appreciate and cherish it.

Without further ado, here are a few ways you can support the creation of this short film!

Follow along and share with others.
Investment Level: 1

Life moves quickly. It can be tough to keep track of everything; however, following along with our progress and talking about it with your friends is seriously helpful.

It’s requires no cash and a little bit of time. Plus, it does SO much good for the film and everyone involved in making it.

Your attention (likes, comments, shares, and words of encouragement) makes us feel like you’re eager to see the finished piece, which is very motivating to get it completed and out into the world. It also helps us build an audience, which makes it a really attractive film. (This leads to more opportunities for it.)

Please sign up for free email updates here (or use the form in the sidebar).

Details and stories I share via email are things you won’t find anywhere else online. Be sure to add my email address (camden [at] to your white list so those messages don’t go to your spam folder.

Also follow me on social: Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.

On Facebook, be sure you set your notifications so you can see the stuff that gets shared.

Once you like the page, click on "notifications" to make sure you see what is shared there.

Once you like the page, click on “notifications” to make sure you see what is shared there.

You'll get a pop-up that let's you select the things you want to see. Easy peasy.

You’ll get a pop-up that let’s you select the things you want to see. Easy peasy.

Sponsor a meal / groceries.
Investment Level: 2

You may not know this but it’s standard practice to offer snacks, beverages, and a meal during on set. In fact, there’s a whole department for it called Craft Services.

For filmmakers, food = love and respect.

It’s REALLY important to me that my cast and crew are fed REALLY well. I want to show my cast and crew the greatest appreciation for bringing this vision to life because, without them, it wouldn’t happen. I would love to have help providing delicious coffee, fruits, snacks, and meals. This, of course, can get expensive.

If you would like to buy one of the meals, provide groceries (snacks, fruit, etc.), or offer us gift cards it would be a big help. We can work out the details if this sounds especially appealing to you.

If your business wants to sponsor this portion of the project that would be wonderful. You can be listed in the end credits and have your logo on set (which then gets included in the behind-the-scenes photos, blog posts, and marketing material).

If you know business owners who wish to contribute, we would love to work with them as well.

Use the comments below to keep the conversation going.

Let’s make it happen.

For filmmakers, food equals love and respect.

For filmmakers, food equals love and respect.

Send cash or gift cards.
Investment Level: 3

Cash is king because it fits every need.

We’re working hard to keep the production as lean as possible; however, we have a long list of expenses and cash contributions will help cover them.

You may contribute by sending cash via PayPal right now.

Click here to make a contribution.

NOTE: We’ve set the contribution amount to $35, however, you can contribute any amount by clicking on the number and typing in a new one. Send as little as $5 to have your name listed in the end credits.

Support the film by contributing cash via PayPal.

Support the film by contributing cash via PayPal. We’ve set the contribution amount to $35 but you can change it! We appreciate every single dollar.

Please know that all of the funds go directly to the business to help make the film. You’ll be able to see how that cash is spent by following along via email, this blog, and our social media channels. Please trust that I’ll take the greatest care with your contribution. I cherish it so much.

Want to contribute something more specific / tangible?

You can send gift cards for gas, equipment rentals, groceries, or all-inclusive stores. We’d jump for joy over gift cards from Apple, Target, or Whole Foods. We have a long list of things we’ll need for the production and this would help tremendously.

Want to make a fairly significant financial contribution?

Contact me directly to discuss the details. We can create a custom experience for you or your business that’ll be really rewarding. Use the comments or email me at camden [at]


Making movies makes me so happy. It’s my sincerest hope that it brings you a lot of joy, too. I’d love to make some seriously epic films together.

It’s people like you that offer kind words, encouragement, and support that make it possible. My dream of becoming a filmmaker is now my reality, and that never ceases to amaze me.

Thank you for all the support. Truly.


Got ideas, questions, and suggestions?

Please use the comments below to tell me what’s on your mind. I’d love to keep the conversation going.