We’re shooting my new scripted short film “AK” later this month.

As I mentioned in previous posts on the blog, the production schedule means things are moving quickly.

Lots of good things have happened this week.

Astra Ball and Hayley Tate discuss costumes for "AK" earlier this week.

Astra Ball and Hayley Tate discuss costumes for “AK” earlier this week.

We had our first table read, worked on costumes, looked at hair and make up, secured locations, created a sound list, and brought some sponsors on board.

More on all of that coming soon.

This week, we also worked on choreography again.

We’ll do this frequently now, so everyone is really clear on what happens during the scene. I don’t want anyone to be confused about it. Being prepared and well-rehearsed for the scene means the production will more likely run smoothly. We’re building in a rehearsal day on set so we’re all comfortable with it.

Davion Danté (@imfit2fight) and Hayley Tate, our two lead actors, have been creating the choreography for a few months. What they’ve put together is pretty amazing. They’ve been rehearsing and perfecting it.

For the past few weeks, they’ve let us watch and tweak the movements together. We’ve been lucky to meet at G.I. Gym to rehearse, which has been incredibly helpful. (It also makes me want to get in shape, like, right now.)

The choreography for this scene a crazy-beautiful collaboration.

Makes me totally geek out.

When the film was simply a notion, I was really curious if we should work on the choreography or camera movement first. The discovery process is part of what I love most about filmmaking; figuring things out is a big part of the joy.

Now it feels obvious that you have to work on the choreography first, then find the camera angles that complement it. Every movement tells a part of the story, and it’s driven by the character’s motivation.

This week we finalized the choreography and broke it down into single movements. I took photos of each movement and created a 20-frame storyboard. This helps all of us remember the steps so we can perfect them.

Using the storyboard, we’re able to figure out what FX make up is needed. We’ll work on that next week. From the storyboard, we can also work out required camera angles to capture the movement.

What takes shape at each of these meetings is nothing short of phenomenal.

Everyone has such a great attitude for collaboration, respect for one another, and a willingness to dive in to make the final product awesome. As I’ve mentioned previously, I feel that getting the best people on the bus typically means you can go anywhere together.

There’s so much honor and respect.

My dream is that every “Camden Watts film” gets associated with that type of collaborative atmosphere – where everyone feels valued, appreciated, nurtured, safe to explore and take risks, and really clear on where we’re going together. Making movies can create a lot of vulnerability, no matter your role, so I try to take great care of everyone brining the vision to life.

It’s amazing to see the film coming to life.

As we near the end of pre-production and the start to production, I know that we have a lot of needs to be met. We have some amazing collaborations shaping up, and I can’t wait to tell you all about it. But we could definitely use your support.

Want to see your name in the end credits?

A few of our biggest needs are listed here.

We especially need cash to cover production costs. You can click here to easily contribute any amount via PayPal. Every penny contributed goes towards the production. (Huge thanks to Lora T. for her recent contribution!)

Want to  know more about the film?

Use the comments below to tell me what questions you have about it. I’ll be sure to explain in another blog post. I love sharing our processes with you.

More soon!