In case you missed it, I announced the new documentary on the blog this week.

Check out the post and trailer here for more info about Good Thing: A Documentary About Landfill Dogs.

I’m now sharing a few posts on the type of support we need for the movie. There are a lot of moving parts to this thing, and we’ll need some help to do this in excellence. That’s where you come in.

I’d be elated – elated! – to have a development director helping make Good Thing. To be clear, this is not a full time employment situation and compensation is discussed privately with each candidate.

If you know someone who’s a good fit, please share this post with them.

Why do we need a development director?

Having a development director to attract funding for the documentary and manage relationships with key stakeholders would be a dream come true!

With an experienced person in that position I could more fully focus on leading, producing, and directing.

I’d love a development director who can help curate a classy, VIP experience for people who want to invest in the film. They’d help keep our funders engaged and excited, while making them feel oh-so appreciated.

What would our development director do?

Our development director will help initiate and manage relationships with key stakeholders.

The director will seek out individuals and organizations interested in supporting the film. This person knows it’s not only about dollars, but developing real win-win relationships that may last a lifetime; making sure each person who contributes feels proud of their involvement and the finished product.

The director will help keep funders informed, appreciated, and engaged throughout the filmmaking process. When the film is finished, they’ll make sure funders have their names in the credits and an expression of our gratitude. Each one gets a thank you note, and the director makes sure of it.

The development director understands exactly how important our funders are and demands that we keep it classy.

[Side note: We are applying for fiscal sponsorship, which means any contributions would be tax deductible.]

Momma. Impoundment #68215. Photo by Shannon Johnstone.

Who would enjoy being our development director?

The impact producer is someone who builds and nourishes relationships with confidence.

They schmooze as easily as they breathe, because they genuinely love talking with people. They are great at reading subtext and nonverbal cues, and have an appreciation for what’s socially acceptable or not. (They’d never allow a faux pas.)

They have no trouble asking for what they want, and they usually get it because they’re so charismatic. They’re persistent but also speak plainly when necessary.

The director is attentive to details, adept at tracking information, and great a communicating with the team.

Working with someone who’s experienced in development, knows the ins and outs of the business, and will help guide our team in the process would be ideal. The director has a college degree and several years of experience in the working world.

Bonus: This person also loves dogs!

Want to get involved?

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Your comment will automatically be emailed to me (Camden Watts, director of Good Thing). I’ll follow up as soon as I can so we can discuss the specifics: timeline, compensation, etc.

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