Earlier this week I shared the trailer for my new film, Good Thing: A Documentary About Landfill Dogs. (Read the post and watch the trailer here.) I’ve followed up with a few posts about the team I’m building, including a development director and an impact producer.

This post is about the need for an outreach team.

Yes, I use the word outreach, which may be a bit too vague. I don’t know what else to call it, though. It’s a hybrid of marketing, communications, and social media. But those words are way too long, so I stuck with outreach. Plus, some of these roles could overlap when needed.

One thing is for sure, it’d be an absolute dream come true to have an outreach team.

Here’s more information on what I’d love to see, and how you can help if you’re so inclined.

Why do we need an outreach team?

With a reliable, savvy outreach team in place, this film could potentially save lives.

That’s not a hyperbole. I genuinely mean it. My dream is to use this film as a conduit to bring lasting change, but I can’t do it alone.

An outreach team would:

  • Communicate with our audiences and the public
  • Keep the conversations going long after the credits roll
  • Spread ideas, so that the conversations lead to change

Having this solid team in place would be a huge relief.

Knowing I could trust a group of people with our brand to tackle these things and mobilize people be absolutely amazing. I have a vision and a lot of ideas but I need solid leaders to gather teams, strategists to develop plans that can guide us, and people who can execute the tasks at hand.

That’s a pretty big undertaking. But just imagine what’s on the other side: emptier animal shelters, happier people, better legislation, and dogs that have a safe place to call home to do dog stuff.

It’s not only possible, it’s highly likely if we had a great team in place.

Who would be on the team?

Ideally, the team would be lead by one person called the outreach director.

The outreach director would oversee and collaborate with the outreach team and keeps things running smoothly. (I’d work directly with the outreach director.) Strategists and managers would support with the outreach director. A team of additional support would help with tasks like scheduling content, responding to comments, etc.

What would the outreach team do?

The outreach team would handle marketing, communications, and social media.

These things break down into a lot of different tasks in sub-categories like working with the press, managing advertising, community management, etc.

For example, I’d love to have an editorial calendar for 2017. It would help us keep all social media channels fresh with information that keeps audiences excited, engaged, and interested in seeing the film before it’s released in 2018. Having a game plan for the content, creation, and scheduling would be so dreamy.

Good Thing Documentary

Shannon Johnstone at the Wake County landfill park taking photos in 2015.

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