“Self care” is something I hear a lot about these days.

It’s kind of wild. We’re so desperately in need of tending to our health and wellness that a label like self care even exists.

Then again, when you watch the news or refresh your feed, the onslaught of negativity can be overwhelming. In 2017, I’ve noticed that the people around me (friends, family, strangers in public, drivers on the road, etc.) are pretty tightly wound. Anxiety, fear, and passionate political rants seem like they’re on the upswing.

These are interesting times; I’m still trying to find a balance.

I know this much: I want to live an intentional, satisfying life that somehow makes the world a better place. That’s hard to do when I’m cranky, tired, and stressed out.

It’s got me thinking about the self care practices I embraced over the past few years, following a season of major life adjustments and stress that left me 30 pounds heavier. Now, many self care practices a part of my daily life. I’m so incredibly grateful for it.

That self care routine helps me feel calmer, happier, and more present in each moment.

Journaling helps me stay happy, focused, and grateful. I like to find a quiet place and let the thoughts flow.

Making movies is tough work, and there’s a lot of stuff happening behind-the-scenes that people may not know about. It’s time to delve into these things, I think, because it’s a big part of how I create.

My hope is that talking about this will help you unwind and lead a happier life, too! 


1. Take care of your basic needs.

Eat well, exercise, and rest are a big part of your overall health.

It’s easy to push these things aside when you’re busy, tired, or stressed to the max. But caring for your basic needs – and making that time non-negotiable – will do you so much good.

Add that to your calendar so you’ll actually get go to the grocery store, have the time to exercise, and make a conscious effort to wind down each day. Stop checking your phone when you’re getting ready to fall asleep. Find routines that helps you accomplish these things.

When I exercise, I sleep better. When I sleep better, I’m more alert and productive during the day. When I’m well rested, I’m more present in each moment. Eating well makes the others easier, too.

It’s a cycle, and all of these things are connected.

2. Do things that feed your soul.

Make space for the things that make you happy.

It’s easy to get caught in a routine, stuck on auto-pilot.

Break up your days, weeks, months, and years with things that will feed your soul – however you define that. It’ll make everything more enjoyable and memorable. It’ll help you feel less blah and more satisfied.

That thing you always wanted to try? Schedule it. The vacation you’ve been postponing for a while? Book it. The book you were excited to order that’s now covered in dust? Read it.

Look, don’t overthink this one. Find the little soul-feeding joys and make them a part of your life. You don’t have to make it a once-each-year thing, either!


3. Surround yourself with people who encourage good habits.

Surrounding yourself with people who encourage good habits makes it easier to keep building on them. Find a workout buddy, go to cooking classes with a friend, meet new people while you’re out, etc. It’ll make all the difference in the world.

My friend and I started walking recently. Not only is it totally soul-satisfying to spend time with her on a regular basis, but I’ve lost a lot of weight in the process. Knowing that she’s waiting on me is crazy motivating to put on my walking shoes, too.

You’re more likely to keep up the good habits if you’re surrounded by people who encourage it. I’m pretty sure there’s some scientific research around that. Do some googling and share some links in the comments if you find good articles about it, eh?

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Want to keep going? This barely scratches the surface. There’s a lot of mindset work and particular practices that keep me going.

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What do you think?

Do you think this is a load of junk? Or do you feel like these things would help improve your outlook and experiences. I’d love to hear from you.

Use the comments below to tell me what’s on your mind, especially if you have your own self care suggestions!