My husband and I are two months in and we’re doing alright!

The first month of motherhood was so lovely.* There was a lot of adrenaline, quality time with family and friends, and parenting things to discover. I was no longer pregnant so I could finally consume things like sushi, deli meats, and craft beer. I lost a lot of weight, too. Plus, there were so many baby cuddles!

The baby cuddles are so, so, so much fun.

So many baby cuddles.

The second month was pretty tough, I’ll confess.

In month two, the adrenaline started to wear off and the sleep deprivation began sinking in. I was still recovering from giving birth and my back went out. So I’ve been in physical therapy twice a week. Plus, Derek went back to work so I was home alone a lot, trying to figure out how to care for our little one.

But the real trouble was mostly thanks to this thing called colic. I’ve now read entirely too much about it. A colicky baby cries and cries; there’s no consoling her. It is absolutely pitiful, deafening, and heartbreaking.

Colicky babies cry and they’re usually inconsolable. It’s so heartbreaking.

As challenging as it may be to care for a colicky baby, it is a strong bonding thing between parents. We have been doing our best, and getting lots of tips from friends. And while discussing the colicky situation, we’ve gotten that look of understanding and empathy from so many parents. It’s like trading war stories.

The colicky phase, thankfully, seems to be winding down now. FINGERS CROSSED. I’m so scared to even type these words in fear of it returning. (If you’re the praying type, keep us on your list?)

Samantha is more than two months old. We’re all doing alright!

So far, parenting has been a pretty wild ride.

Seasoned parents are probably reading this and laughing at our innocence because I’m sure there are a thousand more challenges ahead of us. And as much as some things really stink (literally), there are these really beautiful moments that make it worthwhile. Like that first time she cooed or the time she smiled at me on purpose. Every joyful noise and smile completely melts my heart.

Samantha had her two month wellness visit recently (photo below). My little one can hold her head up on her own, reaches for things, smiles at us, and loves cooing. She’s growing so quickly!

If you’re thinking about becoming a parent, I wish you well. I’m so grateful for the community of parents and parents-to-be that have supported us along the way! Use the comments below to share suggestions, questions, etc.

What’s next

Now that we’re in the swing of things, I’m slowly returning to work. (Since I’m self-employed, I’ve been working since she was one week old, however, I’m increasing my hours now. It feels really great.) What’s next, you ask?

I’m so eager to work on my movies. I want to screen The Innocent AK, finish Good Thing, and get some new projects off the ground. There are a lot of fun conversations happening right now.

The TriFilm Society is also growing. We’ve got an awesome social at Trailblazer Studios planned for Thursday, November 30th, 2017. (Get details / tickets.) I’m in the midst of gathering feedback and making plans for next year, too.

Next year should be a lot of fun!

*It really was lovely to welcome our daughter and learn the ropes as parents. But, unfortunately, my sweet little Louie passed away the week after we brought Samantha home from the hospital. I’m still adjusting to life without my dog, and I’ll always miss my boy.