Welcome to the all-new Slate & Lens Podcast!

As I’ve hinted, the Slate & Lens podcast is something I’ve been working on – quietly, behind the scenes – for years. I’ve come up with every excuse in the book to post-pone sharing it with you because I didn’t feel ready. There was always something to tweak and perfect.

That’s why this episode is the perfect place to start – before I feel really ready! It’s time! I’m so happy to finally share this podcast with you.

Episode 1: Start Before You’re Ready

Are you waiting for the stars to align? Stop hesitating and start working towards your dreams right now. It’s 2020! We’re going to go big – together.

Are you ready?!

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Thank You

Thanks for listening! The Slate & Lens podcast was created to help my fellow filmmakers, so speak up. If there’s something you’re struggling with, desperately need, or can’t figure out – hit me up. Comment below or find me on social media.

I’m cheering for you!

You’re doing great.