Ian Jordan is producer of Brownstone, a short film that is currently in post-production. He sat down with writer-director Shawn Pinner in 2019 and said, “Shut up, let’s make the movie.”

Ian Jordan (producer of Brownstone), reviews footage with Shawn Pinner (writer-director) and William Hoppins (cinematographer) on set in November 2019.

In this episode he talks about wearing many different hats on set, getting support from our families, and making a movie within a few months.

Full disclosure: I’m also a producer of Brownstone, and served as first assistant director (1st AD) on set.

Shawn Pinner (writer-director), William Hoppins (cinematographer), and Ian Jordan (producer) set up as Kristi Ray prepares for the scene.

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Ian Jordan slates for the next shot on the set of Brownstone in November 2019.