What’s Next?

Since I’ve wrapped post-production on Abandoned Allies I’ve been getting the question, “What’s next?” It’s tough to say right now, but I know I’m supposed to have an answer. There are really fantastic things taking shape. Not all of them are limited by the need to raise funds, but I desperately want to have a budget for my next film. I want to stay focused on producing and directing, which

Hot Swap // Voice Over

Recently I had the pleasure of helping some friends with their 48-hour film project. Josh Mills and Zach Abrams came up with a concept, then animated a short film. Brian Thacker and I had the pleasure of lending our voices. Check it out!  

Filmmakers Event: News Breaking Soon

When I started making Abandoned Allies, I knew little about filmmaking. What helped me most was talking with other filmmakers about the process, and how to survive a project with my sanity in tact. Out of that experience came a desire to organize events where filmmakers can do that in person. A time and place where people can chat while drinking excellent beer, eating delicious food, and supporting local independent

Thoughts on Acting

I love acting. ItĀ terrifies me to do it because it gives people permission to stare and criticize: how you look, move, speak, and your energy. But acting and improvising take me to a new place–emotionally and mentally. It’s also freeing. You get to leave your life and become someone else. You get to tell your inner monologue to shut up, because you’ve become this other person for a limited time.

Script Frenzy

Next month I’m participating in the Script Frenzy challenge to write 100 pages of original scripted material in the 30 days of April. I might be crazy. The list of reasons to notĀ participateĀ is long, but I’ve had script ideas floating around in my head for years. It’s time to get at least one script on paper–even if it is never read by another person. I find myself in uncharted territory