TriFIlm Society

The TriFilm Society closed in 2018. Here’s some info about it.

What’s TriFilm?

The TriFilm Society is an organization I founded and directed, starting in 2009, to support my fellow filmmakers.

The mission was to unify, educate, and inspire people within the film community in North Carolina’s Triangle region.

Through networking events, collaborations with local businesses, and countless freebies I supported filmmakers for almost a decade. In 2018, I closed the TriFilm Society for a variety of reasons. It brought me a lot of joy over the years, and allowed me to support many people.

That mission – connecting people in the film community to resources they need – is still a big part of my daily life today.

Years Running

Events Held


Cups of Coffee

“Being a member of the TriFilm Society has put me in touch with filmmakers I didn't know, given me closer contact with filmmakers I already knew, and created a growing screenwriting group which I attend every month. Camden's leadership, energy, and good cheer is infectious.”

Jim McQuaid, Former TriFilm Society Member

“On the very first day I joined TriFilm, I formed a connection that resulted in a great crew position. Camden fosters an open and encouraging environment that has empowered me to take great strides in pursuing my passion for film; being a member makes me feel like the dreams I want to achieve are well within my reach.”

Hillary Stroud, Former TriFilm Society Member

“One of the most amazing things about TriFilm is that it has actually led to tangible paying jobs and career advancement. For example, I recently attended a filmmaking panel where I made several industry connections, including representatives from a production company. Within weeks, they were hiring me for project work as a writer/director and the relationship continues to evolve in exciting ways.”

Fabian Marquez, Former TriFilm Society Member

Helping people tell stories is my passion. Get in touch to see how I can help you.