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What kind of support do you need in telling stories? I freelance as a writer, producer, and director.

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Picturing Pigs (working title)

Picturing Pigs (working title) is a short documentary film about two photographers who put up billboards of happy pigs in the middle of hog country to help travelers learn more about the animals that are made invisible. Learn more here.


Camden is exactly what every project needs. She is an incredible collaborator, very enthusiastic, a great problem solver and organized. She set the tone on set for what turned out to be one of the best sets I’ve ever worked on and her enthusiasm is unwavering. I highly recommend her and look forward to collaborating on many more projects with her.

Shawn Pinner, Director of BROWNSTONE

“Camden is a pleasure and an honor to work with as a director. She's thorough, creative both on and off of the set, and a joy to just be around. Her enthusiasm for the craft of filmmaking is infectious.”

Aaron Bittikofer, Production Sound Recordist

“Camden gets things done. With enthusiasm, professionalism, optimism, and candor. Camden is the essence of collaboration and win-win scenarios. She's organized, creative, kind, and energetic, and one of the best listeners I've met. She improves the people and situations around her.”

Sally Bloom, Longleaf Film Festival Organizer