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Crowdfunding 101: What You Should Know Before You Jump In the Deep End

Crowdfunding can be great. But it can also be a little tricky. This post is for the first-timers thinking about crowdfunding – unclear of what to expect, worried about whether they'd be successful or not, and daydreaming about having lots of support for their dream....

Focusing on growth

This year my focus has been on growth. It's the word of the year, yes, but it means a lot more than that. I have finished a few films (yay!) but I'm eager to continue growing, learning, and improving my skills as a storyteller. I feel like I've reached a plateau and...

Everything is Figureoutable

Making films can be super challenging. It can feel like such a daunting thing. Where do you start? How do you know what to do? How do you build a sustainable career from making movies? How can you avoid mistakes? Oh man, oh man. The questions just keep going. Start,...

Brewconomy screening at Appalachian State University

Brewconomy screened in Boone, N.C., at Appalachian State University (ASU) this week. It was such a wonderful experience! What's Brewconomy? Brewconomy is the documentary I directed about North Carolina craft beer and its impact on the state's agriculture, community,...

Three things I do to get unstuck

Oh, boy. You know I've been stuck for a while. I've been trying to work on my latest documentary, Good Thing, for quite a while now. More specifically, how to get unstuck so I can give the project the attention it needs and finally finish the film. I love this film...

I’m stuck.

As many of you know, I've been working on a new film. Well. More like working on it consistently for years. And lately people have been asking about it. How's the film going? What are you working on now? When will it be finished? OHMYGOODNESS. These questions stress...

Filmmaking means messing up (repeatedly)

There's an anecdote about getting hired to work in film. It goes something like this: Hiring person says to the candidate, "You want to be on my crew? Tell me about a time where you really messed up on set. How'd you handle it?" Candidate response, "Well, I've never...

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My name is Camden. I’m a tall, Southern woman with an affinity for creative things – specifically making movies. Writing, producing, and directing are my strengths. A self-taught filmmaker, I have finished five films and am in production on a new feature-length documentary.