Here are the movies I’ve made.

Each production is made possible with the help of many people. I’m incredibly humbled and grateful for their support.

Good Thing: A Documentary About Landfill Dogs (in production)

The Good Thing doc is a feature-length film about Shannon Johnstone, the photographer behind Landfill Dogs. It’s currently in production, scheduled to be finished by the end of 2017 in hopes of a film festival release in 2018.

The Innocent AK (2017)

The Innocent AK is a short scripted piece about a strong woman.

Look for The Innocent AK short film in 2018.

Brewconomy (2015)

Brewconomy is a feature-length documentary about the North Carolina craft beer industry and its impact on the state’s agriculture, community, and economy. It was released in 2015. Digital distribution coming soon.

Watch the Brewconomy trailer now.

Landfill Dogs: Behind The Scenes (2014)

Landfill Dogs: Behind The Scenes is a short documentary film that gives Shannon Jonstone’s fans insights into her photo series and why it was created. The short film was shot and edited using an iPhone.

Watch Landfill Dogs: BTS for free online right now.

Trophy (2013)

Trophy is a short comedy about the moment when two people lock eyes in public.

What could go wrong?

Watch Trophy for free online right now.

Production still from the movie "Trophy" shot in 2013.
Production still from the movie “Trophy” shot in 2013.

Abandoned Allies (2012)

Abandoned Allies is a feature-length documentary about the U.S. Special Forces (Green Berets) and the Montagnards, who are tribal people from the Central Highlands of Vietnam. It’s a story of brotherly love shaped by war.

Rent or buy online now.

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