I’m a fairly private / shy woman.

That’s why you’ll find me pretty hush-hush on certain things, especially when I’m in the midst of a storm. I’m very selective about what I share publicly because it influences my real life conversations. And, ya know, I’m so naturally awkward that I don’t need to add any fuel to that fire.

It took me almost a year, for example, to start talking about my dog’s cancer. Throughout the course of that year, however, I told a few close family and friends what was going on. I finally wrote about it in April 2017 (Cancer: One Year Later).

So, what’s been happening this year?

Well, my husband and I have some pretty big news to share.


We’re expecting!

Derek and I will welcome our first kid this fall.

We’re so excited about becoming parents. It’s been quite the adventure so far. I know there are plenty of adventures ahead, too.

Here’s a photo of the baby bump in all its glory. This was taken earlier on a family vacation in Positano, Italy. (You’ve seen several Positano-related posts already.) The photo is courtesy of my mother-in-law. As camera shy as I am, it makes me really happy to have this image to cherish.

Derek and I are expecting a baby girl this fall. (Photo courtesy of my mother-in-law.)

There have been a lot of things happening in my world as a result of the life-altering news. It’s been quite the year so far, and very little has gone as planned. But I am so thrilled about this next phase of our lives, I can hardly put it into words.

Baby questions

When we share the news with folks in person, we typically get a few repeat questions. In case you’re curious, here are our answers to those baby-related questions.

Do you know the gender?

Yes, it’s a girl!

Do you have names picked out?

Nope, totally struggling with names.

I recently wrote about how I have trouble picking names for films; can you imagine the pressure in naming our first born? Share suggestions in the comments if you’ve got a great name we should consider.

How are you feeling?

Oh, so kind of you to ask. Thank you.

The first trimester was brutal. I struggled a lot with morning sickness, and lost about 15 pounds because I couldn’t eat. I was really pitiful.

Since then I’ve started feeling much better, though! Now I’ve got relatively small pregnancy symptoms (by comparison). And, thankfully, they aren’t holding me back at all.

The weirdest thing has been losing weight while pregnant. Totally unexpected. You certainly won’t find me complaining about that, though.

Can you feel the baby kicking?

Oh yeah. It’s a really weird sensation. What began as sweet little flutters is now a full-on jab or kick. Our girl may be small, but she’s fierce.

Is the nursery ready?

Yes, it’s ready!

We painted the room, added baby necessities like a crib and changing station, and have been filling it with the most awesome gifts from loved ones. I have trouble wanting to leave the room. It’s so serene and beautiful.

Want to see the room? Speak up in the comments. I have lots of photos. We could totally discuss.

Do you have recommendations / questions?

Use the comments! I’d love to hear from you as we prepare for this new phase of our lives. Please share any recommendations or questions you have about babies. I’m all ears.