Filmmaking means messing up (repeatedly)

There’s an anecdote about getting hired to work in film. It goes something like this: Hiring person says to the candidate, “You want to be on my crew? Tell me about a time where you really messed up on set. How’d you handle it?” Candidate response, “Well, I’ve never messed up.” “Well then, you’re fired,” says the hiring manager. “You have no place on my crew if you’ve never messed

Casseroles for Christmas Morning

When the holidays roll around each year, I have these grandiose visions of cooking a big breakfast for everyone. (Just call me Clark!) It never really works out quite right, though. I end up a little more stressed than I wanted. The timing on our food is rarely right. And, somehow, the kitchen is messier than ever. But this year I finally figured out how to work smart, not hard.

2018 Year In Review

It’s the end of the year. I have a few year-end rituals. Do you? One of my favorites is the year-in-review blog post. I like taking the time to stop, reflect, and appreciate all that transpired over the last 12 months. I find that filling my heart with gratitude for what happened – both the good and bad – gives me strength for the new year. (Related: Read my 2017,

My Baby Registry Must Have List

Samantha just turned one. I am still having a tough time believing she’s a toddler. But now that a few friends and family are expecting the arrival of their own littles, I find myself reflecting on pregnancy and our first year with a baby. Holy moly, it’s been a wild ride. There are a few things that made that first year much easier. If you’re expecting and feeling overwhelmed by

Baby clothes and gender stereotypes

I recently had a baby. Derek and I named our girl Samantha. Ohmygoodness, we’ve loved getting to know her over the past few months. It’s been such a wild ride. Little Boss. A post shared by Camden Watts (@camdenwatts) on Dec 19, 2017 at 6:40pm PST When we outgrew all of the baby clothing that was gifted to us early on, I started shopping for new clothes. It’s a little overwhelming