Our 5th wedding anniversary in Durham, N.C.

Durham, N.C., is so close to Raleigh, N.C. I’ve loved Durham for years – mostly because of the time I’ve spent downtown for the Full Frame Documentary Film Festival each spring. It’s one of my favorite places and times of the year. I lovingly call Full Frame my film school because it has taught me so much. (Random side note for out-of-towners: there’s no such thing as Raleigh-Durham. They’re very

How I packed for Positano, Italy

My family and I vacationed in Positano, Italy, in May 2017. I’ve already shared an introduction to Positano, discovering local craft beer on the Amalfi Coast, and where to eat while you’re there. Before flying out this year, I spent a lot of time researching tips for packing. What items do you really need? How do you prevent overpacking? Can it all fit in a single carry on? What am I forgetting or overlooking? What’s

What to buy in Positano, Italy

My family and I recently vacationed in Positano, Italy. I’m a lucky girl because I married into a family that has visited often enough to have friends there. Visiting Positano feels like going home and spending time with family. Derek and I got engaged there and our Italian friends even gave our daughter gifts when she was born. We miss our friends and can’t wait to visit them again soon! Some

Craft beer on the Amalfi Coast

I’ve gotten spoiled. I’m not afraid to admit that. Here in North Carolina, there’s an abundance of amazing craft beer. My palette has completely changed since I started drinking craft beer, experimenting with different flavors, speaking with brewers, and making Brewconomy. Years ago, I used to like only lighter beers with specific flavor profiles; now, I’ll try just about anything. The beers I drink now have such a depth of flavor. They’re so

Eat like a local in Positano, Italy

When people find out that we frequently visit Positano, Italy, they often ask for recommendations. Restaurant recommendations can be tricky, though. Everyone has their own preferences, expectations, and budget. Even the best restaurant may have an “off night” and things don’t live up to the hype. Bearing these things in mind, here are a few of my personal favorites in Positano proper. All of these locations are within walking distance

Family vacation in Positano, Italy

I recently returned from a vacation in Positano, Italy. It was absolutely incredible! My husband, in-laws, and I spent roughly eight days together. Since I married into a family that adores Positano, I’ve gotten a few questions about vacationing there. So I’m sharing some behind-the-scenes details in a new blog post series, in hopes that it’ll help others. This is the first of a few posts to come. Don’t worry,

A Weekend in Wrightsville

Last weekend, Derek and I celebrated our fourth wedding anniversary. We went to Wrightsville Beach for a few days. It was really relaxing. Our Travel Style We love to skip town on a relatively small budget. Our vacation style is about as relaxing a pace as you can stand, which is exactly what we need every year. This was the spirit of our honeymoon in Asheville, N.C., and it’s something