Why I wear a triangle necklace

I wear a necklace with a triangle on it. Since some people have been asking about the triangle and what it means, I thought you might be curious, too. I bought the necklace in 2016 to celebrate milestones in running the TriFilm Society. It’s important, IMHO, to celebrate your accomplishments because life itself – never mind chasing your dreams – is incredibly challenging. The TriFilm Society is something I started

TriFilm Society Summer Social on 6/22

There’s a TriFilm quarterly social tomorrow! I’m really looking forward to it. The summer social will be in Raleigh, N.C., on Thursday, June 22nd, from 5:30 – 7:30 PM. You can get all of the details, including tickets to attend, on the TriFilm blog: trifilmsociety.com/summer-social-registration. Membership registration is open, too, so you can join and then attend the social for free as an official member of the TriFilm Society. Or you can

Why I started the TriFilm Society

It was 2009. A rather rough but monumental year in my life. I quit my job to finish my first feature-length film. Going “all in” was terrifying and wonderful. But it left my bank account completely drained, and I faced the possibility that I might lose everything soon. Standing at that precipice – on the brink of losing everything I’d worked so hard to build – nearly broke me. It was a really tough

TriFilm social scheduled for June 23rd

Great news! We have another TriFilm Society social scheduled for Tuesday, June 23rd, from 5:30 PM to 7:30 PM. The social will be held at The Frontier. There will be light refreshments provided so please register below to attend. At the social I’ll talk about the progress made on TriFilm Society membership. I’ve been working hard on a lot of exciting things, very few of which have been shared anywhere else. I

The New TriFilm Society

Recently I launched the new look, social profiles, and website for the TriFilm Society. It’s something I’ve been working on for many years. I’m so happy to finally have it live.   The creative process is a strange one. Over the years I’ve gotten comfortable with the chaos, exploration of uncharted territories, and failure that comes before finishing something creative. #Design is evolution in a lot of ways, and it’s

Panel discussion on 2/19 is sold out

The TriFilm panel discussion, which is a collaboration with Blueforest Studios, is now sold out! How fun! We’ll have a comfortably crowded room for awesome conversations on Thursday, February 19th! I’m really looking forward to it. Did you see the news? The #TriFilm Society is hosting a panel discussion in collaboration with @blueforeststudios on 2/19! More info on my blog. (Link in profile.) A photo posted by Camden Watts (@camdenwatts)

Panel discussion set for Thursday, February 19th

What a pleasure it is to tell you great news! A filmmaking panel discussion is set for Thursday, February 19th starting at 9:00 a.m. for the TriFilm Society in collaboration with Blueforest Studios. The conversation is about filmmaking logistics: getting a project started, keeping momentum going, and finishing it like a pro. I get so many questions about these things, and I’m thrilled we’ll have a panel of smart people sharing