Questions from readers about making movies – Part 2

Why do I take questions? I get requests from fellow filmmakers pretty frequently. People invite me to lunch, drinks, or coffee often to “pick my brain” about what I’ve learned in the 10 years of making movies. But … it’s tough to accommodate everyone. It’s even more impossible to distill all that I’ve learned into one short meeting. That’s why I blog and it’s why I formed the TriFilm Society. (Read

What’s in a name?

Naming things can be a challenge. A name becomes such a part of our identity. It’s spoken, written, and often becomes symbolic of our character. Or what we do for a living. My Name At a cinematography workshop, a filmmaker asked me if my name was real. I chuckled at the absurdity of his question, until I realized he was serious. “Camden Watts sounds like a stage name you made up. It’s too perfect,”

Questions from readers about making movies – Part 1

It’s always a pleasure to hear from readers! I’ve been blogging about filmmaking for 10 years and, seriously, hearing from people who found helpful info here is really fun. That’s why I encourage your comments, tweets, and questions! Today I have a few questions from a fellow filmmaker, Zak, who’s presently navigating the waters of documentary film. He asked to pick my brain in person – a comment request from

Voting with your dollars at the box office

As consumers, we vote with our dollars and attention. That’s why I vote for movies I want to see by going to the theater on box office opening weekends. To some people, this may seem antiquated. But I’ll break down why it’s still incredibly relevant. Understanding a bit of the distribution landscape may be helpful, so let’s start there. Distribution Success Metrics For major studios, box office numbers are a major

Art is political.

I was born and raised in eastern North Carolina. That’s where I learned a few things about manners. It’s polite to say “ma’am” and “sir” when you’re talking with people, no matter their age. It’s polite to refrain from discussing world travel, since it may be perceived as bragging. And it’s polite to refrain from discussing politics in social settings because it’ll ignite heated conversations and make people angry. That last

Review: Directing Motion Tour Digital Download

Last year I went to Charlotte, N.C., for the Directing Motion Tour with Vincent Laforet (@vincentlaforet). I have spent the last year shaking my fist at the TV every time I see unmotivated camera movement. I’m forever ruined. (Thank you, Vincent.) A lot of the things I learned at the workshop have stuck with me, although it’s been a full year since I went through the material. I recently revisited the

FAQs for a filmmaker

This post is for Veronica, who was kind enough to ask a few questions about making movies. I’m so happy to share a few behind the scenes details. This is part one of a two-part blog series to answer her questions. I hope you find inspiration here, Veronica! 1. What is a typical day in your line of work? No two days are alike. Some days I’m in the studio,