Filmmaking means messing up (repeatedly)

There’s an anecdote about getting hired to work in film. It goes something like this: Hiring person says to the candidate, “You want to be on my crew? Tell me about a time where you really messed up on set. How’d you handle it?” Candidate response, “Well, I’ve never messed up.” “Well then, you’re fired,” says the hiring manager. “You have no place on my crew if you’ve never messed

Alice Fest 2016

The 5th annual Alice Fest took place in Durham, N.C., yesterday. The festival is named for Alice Guy Blaché, a pioneer in the film industry. Alice Fest is held each March in honor of Women’s History Month. It’s the fourth year in a row I’ve attended, and I always look forward to it. What I love most about the fest is walking away feeling refreshed, empowered, and inspired. Look through all the photos

I am a full time filmmaker.

It gives me great joy to say that I’m a full time filmmaker. It’s been this way for a while. But I wanted some time to adjust, find a new working rhythm, and the right words to share with you. It’s an exciting time. What does this shift mean for you? On the personal front it means a calmer, happier Camden who’s available to hang out with family and friends. I’m no

Review: Directing Motion Tour Digital Download

Last year I went to Charlotte, N.C., for the Directing Motion Tour with Vincent Laforet (@vincentlaforet). I have spent the last year shaking my fist at the TV every time I see unmotivated camera movement. I’m forever ruined. (Thank you, Vincent.) A lot of the things I learned at the workshop have stuck with me, although it’s been a full year since I went through the material. I recently revisited the

An accidental look at my filmography

Recently I found my way through the archives, looking for a photo for the TriFilm Society blog. I stumbled across so many great things from my past and it made me so grateful. Here’s an accidental look back at my filmography. Years ago I started making my first feature-length film, Abandoned Allies, a documentary about the Montagnard people and their loyalty during the Vietnam War. Abandoned Allies taught me so much. It was

Why I skipped crowdfunding for “Abandoned Allies”

When I started Abandoned Allies, my first feature-length film, in 2008 there was no talk of online crowdfunding. It wasn’t until April 2009 (a year after we started Allies), that Kickstarter was launched. When it did, I definitely took notice. In fact I started reading everything I could about crowdfunding. It became my new obsession. Since social media was becoming more and more mainstream, the transition to compulsively studying crowdfunding was a natural one. (I’d obsessively

Methods to Build a Fan Base for Your Indie Film

I was clueless when I made my first feature-length film, Abandoned Allies. I had never made a film and knew nothing about distribution. Sharing my filmmaking experience with anyone willing to listen was the one thing I did understand. That’s how I built my fan base — long before my first film was finished. In fact, my fans made it possible to premiere my first film at IMAX Raleigh, on the largest screen in