Questions from readers about making movies – Part 1

It’s always a pleasure to hear from readers! I’ve been blogging about filmmaking for 10 years and, seriously, hearing from people who found helpful info here is really fun. That’s why I encourage your comments, tweets, and questions! Today I have a few questions from a fellow filmmaker, Zak, who’s presently navigating the waters of documentary film. He asked to pick my brain in person – a comment request from

Want to be a part of something fun?

Some talented people are working with me to make a movie. It’s shaping up to be a really fun short scripted film. The working title is “AK” although I’m sure that’ll change once I’m in post-production. (A better name usually crops up in the filmmaking process.) As I sit here working on the script and planning the production, I though you’d like to get involved. A lot of my Facebook friends seem interested

Whoa, Buddy: 2014 Year In Review

So many things have been happening — and so quickly — that it’s tough to stop long enough to celebrate. That’s why the year-in-review posts are one of my favorite things, even if they’re a bit cliché. I can’t help it, I absolutely love looking back at what transpired in the past 12 months! Would you celebrate with me?! Here are a few of the highlights from 2014.* 1. Production

Time on a Myriad Media shoot

Recently I spent a few days helping on a shoot for Defiant Whisky run by Myriad Media. It’s taken me a while to share any details because of all the things going on in my world, including post-production on Brewconomy and wrapping up Crowdfund Your Film. But this was such an incredible shoot that I could hardly wait any longer to share it with you. The shoot was a few days long

The birth of a new film

As we work hard to finish Brewconomy, I find myself thinking about my next film. Action brings clarity. So even though I’m working really hard to finish up this film, I’ve been thinking long and hard about the next one. It’s what I do. This thought process comes naturally to me. It’s part of what makes me a really great producer-director. I’m not bragging. But I am finally realizing that few people

How to write films you can actually shoot

Having a healthy imagination is part of what makes filmmaking so much fun. Your imagination frees you to invent people, places, and things that delight us on screen. Your imagination has  such unlimited potential. That’s fantastic! Unless, of course, you actually want to make the film right now, using the resources you have on hand. When you have very few resources as an independent filmmaker (like me), that can be tough.

WUNC’s “The State of Things” Appearance

Yesterday I had the pleasure of being on WUNC’s “The State of Things” again. Frank Stasio and his team are such pros. I’d happily go on that show whenever asked, no matter how nervous it makes me. We chatted about craft beer since April is NC Beer Month. If you missed the live show, you can listen in here. We talked about beer with John Sheppard, a professor at NCSU who’s making beer